What Is Hidden Opulence?

What We Do

Hidden Opulence is a Design House that’s focused in Apparel sustainability and upcycling. The business is divided into two factions, serving both existing apparel brands and the general public. Services such as small batch production, in-house production assistance is offered to designers and batch alterations for garments in boutiques are available for established apparel brands. The general public can submit projects to Hidden Opulence’ drop off location (currently Artifact Creative Recycle, 3630 SE Division). We will resume a location to consult in person and build ideas to re-imagine, repair or alter garments or fabric wares from their own homes. While basic tailoring, mending and altering can be completed, projects based around refurbishing, repairing and re-configuring are greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you have questions about what else we do!


Our Story

Hidden Opulence Design House was an idea in the making for Drea Johnson since 2014. Born from the raw passion of sewing through various apparel production gigs it was realized that many designers do need assistance, even if it's temporary. Coupled with the unfortunate truth that the fashion industry is one of the most non eco-friendly industries out there, was planted a seed help drive change. If there was a community more open to change the makeup of how garments are produced and why, for the sake of our planet, it was Portland.

In 2017, Drea was approached for in-house services by (our now home base drop-off location) Artifact Creative Recycle . Thus was born our first location where the local community could easily access a comfortable, fun and inspirational alterations environment. The community (and you!) is also where the conversations about garment sustainability need to be. Two years later, we are at the beginning of building our team and continuing to educate our clients about how to make their closets more eco-friendly, as well as, produce garments for local designers who strive to be sustainable.

The Hidden Opulence Team




Drea is the entrepreneur & head seamstress behind Hidden Opulence. She loves chatting up clients about ways they can be sustainable while staying unique and always includes a good laugh. Her style gravitates toward silhouettes that are classic, but fabrics are colorful, bright or have unique patterns.


Administrative Assistant

Fabian is the administrative assistant for Hidden Opulence. His favorite part of the job is creating fresh systems and procedures to get to know how the business ticks. His style revolves around an obsession of vintage denim, earth tones, rustic leathers, and thrifted jewelry.


Sewing Team

Nina is a contract seamstress at Hidden Opulence. She loves extending the lifespan of client’s favorite clothes by doing simple fixes and creative updates. Her style is deeply inspired by drag, clowns, and free piles. She combines this inspiration with elements of femme sophistication with punk comfort wear.


Social Media

Katie is the Social Media Assistant at Hidden Opulence. Through her position, she loves extending the businesses mantra of creative sustainability through photos and captions. Her style could be described as being comfortably loud; mixing soft silhouettes and clean lines with bold colors and unusual patterns that can be found through racks and piles of thrifted items.

Anne- Marie

Sewing Team

Anne-Marie is our contract seamstress, helping along with any sewing project that comes in the door. She loves to foster and share the excitement that comes from breathing new life into old garments. Her closet is rife with jumpsuits, jewel tones, tight skirts and hoodies.


Sewing Team

Emma is an intern on the sewing team, which to her, sewing feels like magic!  It has always called her to on a personal level creating this love in a tangible sense of creativity. Growing up sewing by hand, it has only been recently does she feel empowered enough learn how to use a sewing machine.

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