Shipping FAQ


Currently as  Portland transitions into Phase 1 of reopens, Hidden Opulence will not be relocating as of now and will continue accepting and processing all mending projects and orders through our Mail in Order or Pick Up services. With that and a current influx of mask orders being made everyday, our shipping timeline can be stretched. We're so unbelievably thankful for the support HODH has received over the last month. Be safe, get some rest and we promise your orders will be on your doorstep soon!

Once we receive the order placement, our team prints out each order form and assess the priority of what needs to be prep and made first. 

Example: Our reusable items are already pre made, so can be sent out quicker than our masks that are made newly each order. 

For our reusable masks:

Each batch is made within 3 days after the order has been placed. 

For mending projects:

Depending on how invasive or small the repairing or alteration is - expect a week for projects to be sent out. 

Once each order is completed, we steam and prep the items.

Each order is sent out through USPS priority mailing. 

If orders are made at the end of the week, you can anticipate the package to arrive at the start of the following week. 

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