What is Mail In Service?

Mail in orders are a great way to utilize the services that we offer wherever you are! You simply let us know how we can help you out with your garment(s), and we can provide you the same quality of work without having to book an appointment* or commute to our drop off sites. Once the Item is completed it will be delivered right back to your doorstep.

*Some alterations may not be eligible for mail-in.

What Can I Send?

We offer many of the same services as we do for our drop off sites such as: Hems, Patches, Hardware Replacement, Tapers, Crops.

How Do I Prepare My Garments?

Hems: Make sure these are clearly premarked on where you'd like the bottom to end. We prefer one area pinned to prevent confusion. (example only pin one leg of the pants)

Patches: Pin the patch where you'd like us to affix it. If possible leave us notes so we know the patch hasn't shifted during shipment.

Hardware: Safety pin and note what is needed to be replaced. We can replace, buttons, hooks & eyes, zipper and more! At this time we do not service garments with taped seams (i.e. outdoor apparel)

Crops, Straps and Tapering: Use safety pins to best demonstrate what area or what shape we are to alter for you. This can often be a two person project: Have a friend help you pin these areas to ensure we can get you the best fit.

Ready to Ship? Follow these Simple Steps! 

Step 1:

Decide the items you'd like us to repair. 

If you have 1 or even 5 items in your pile, but you're curious on how much it would total: check out our pricing page for an estimate. 

 If you have any questions  text us @ (503) 451-3779

Step 2: 

Print and fill out as much as you can on our Mail in Order ticket. This will allow us to get information on what you are sending in and what work we need to complete. 


Step 3:

Please pre-mark any items that specifically need hemmed, cropped or tapered with a safety pin or marked as clearly as you can.     

Refer above for additional instructions on how to prep items.

Step: 4

Place them in a a shipping container of choice and ship to: 




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