Alterations, Mending & More

Artifact Upcycle Station

Services ranging in basic alterations, mending, upcycling and small batch production, but also specializing in vintage and heirloom garment repairs available for small boutiques and individuals alike made simple thanks to the Artifact Upcycle Station! Feel free to drop off any of your pieces that need some TLC to Artifact Creative Recycle during open hours 7 days a week for Hidden Opulence.

If you would like to meet, come by Artifact Creative Recycle on Division, Fridays & Saturdays 12a-7p to chat about a project, or have your garment fitted. Appointments are required, but walk-ins are also welcomed! Book an appointment Here!

Contact for project quotes

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Common Requested Services

Jean fly zipper replacement are likely at the top of the list for fixes submitted. Zippers for fixes are included in the quote. Sometimes zippers don't have to be fully replaced, Hidden Opulence has an array of hardware ready to tackle nearly any zipper issue.

Patch placement for many different types of apparel is available. Patches can be placed in a variety of ways- thread type and color are variables, as well as stitch type. 

Light leather working can help save or even replace detached portions of bags, purses or garments. Leather conditioning is available alone, but always apart of all leather project submissions.

Vintage apparel restoration or conversion is a fun way to breath life into old finds. Resizing and reshaping garment features is quite popular. Here a dress is turned into a crop top and waiting to be adorned with vintage lace. Buttons and hardware can also be replaced.

 Denim mending can include but is not limited to, reattaching belt loops or patching and sometimes darning worn down areas on your denim favorites.

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